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Grantmaking to Increase the Capacity of Latino Organizations

We are fortunate to have Latino-serving organizations throughout Colorado that respond to immediate needs, address community issues and take action to ensure the health of Latinos. Many of these organizations have become the anchors that keep the community together.

Surprisingly many of these organizations are often overlooked by foundations or government support due to their smaller size or capacity. A 2011 report by the Foundation Center and Hispanics in Philanthropy highlighted that between 1999-2009, only 1.3% of spending by US foundations specifically targeted Latino programs or organizations — yet Latinos make up 16% of the population.

The need for building the capacity of Latino organizations is critical. Thus, the Latino Community Foundation of Colorado (LCFC) invests in Latino anchor organizations throughout Colorado by providing funding and technical support to build their leadership, organizational and/or programming capacity. By doing so, these organizations become more competitive for funding, are able to serve more people and can respond accordingly to issues in their community.

Since its founding seven years ago, the LCFC has invested more than $1.2 million in more than 65 organizations so that they can advance Latino families and communities.

“The LCFC has worked with the Hispanic Affairs Project since its origins and it has helped us realize that community leadership among Latinos is as diverse as our culture – and that our institutional evolution needs to incorporate all of these cultural aspects to be better leaders and be more effective in serving our community.”

- Ricardo Perez | Hispanic Affairs Project | Montrose, Colorado