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HIP to College/Summer Melt

Surprisingly many Latino youth — as high as 70% in some Colorado communities — don’t successfully transition from high school to college in the fall. This is referred to “summer melt.” There are many factors that may contribute to this. For instance, the youth’s parents may have financial issues or lack of experience in the college application process. They may also not know how to seek financial aid. Perhaps the fact that they no longer have access to a high school counselor for advice is holding them back. Or it could just be procrastination.

The Latino Community Foundation of Colorado has teamed up with Hispanics in Philanthropy to address “summer melt” in Colorado. Funding is being provided to five organizations that work with hundreds of Latino youth and their families in developing programs that assist them in successfully transitioning from high school to college. A successful transition also increases the likelihood that they will graduate from college.

“We experienced first-hand the ‘summer melt’ phenomenon with many of the youth we work with. Programs like this are critical in ensuring that talented, promising youth receive the support they need to start college and get off to a strong start. Many families are unfamiliar with college so we also focus on educating families and having them understand how they can support their children in this process.”

- Christine Marquez-Hudson | Executive Director | Mi Casa Resource Center