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Colorado Latino Age Wave Initiative News


Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORC) Project in Wheat Ridge, CO

Colorado Latino Age Wave Initiative is partnering with Jewish Family Services’ Colorado Senior Connection Project, which serves older adults and their families in Wheat Ridge. The Colorado Senior Connection Project is based on an innovative health and supportive services model framework that seeks to promote and foster Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORC). Its goal is to create more opportunities for Latino elders to age in community by identifying ways to mitigate/remove cultural barriers to accessing services. 

The project will focus on:

  • Raising awareness and increased understanding of Latino elders' needs
  • Providing resources and support to increase cultural competency 
  • Engaging Colorado Senior Connection partner agencies in developing culturally appropriate services to engage Latino elders in Wheat Ridge (NORC) 
  • Helping facilitate the development of culturally appropriate services for Latino elders and their family caregivers


A coalition of organizations that advocate for older adults, including the Colorado Latino Age Wave Initiative is pleased to see the following bill introduced to the Colorado State Legislature. 

HB 1033 — Strategic Planning Group On Aging

HB 1033 establishes a strategic action planning group, appointed by the governor, to study issues related to the increasing number of Colorado residents 50 years of age and older and to issue a comprehensive strategic action plan on aging. The bill directs specific areas for the group to analyze and to make recommendations. The group shall also make two updates to the plan. The bill establishes a cash fund to receive appropriations and gifts, grants, and donations to pay for the group's work.

Did you know that every 7 seconds an American turns 50?

The sponsors of HB 1033 are Representative Primavera (D) and Senator Crowder (R). 

Track the Progress


We recently published "It, Too, Takes a Village," a report that examines the role of family caregiving for Latino elders across Metro Denver. The goal of this report is to better inform the community about the role of caregiving in the lives of Latino older adults.   

Did you know that 84% of Latino caregivers believed that their role is an expectation of their upbringing and 70% thought it would bring shame to their family to not accept the caregiving role?  

To read more about the Latino Caregiver, click here.


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